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Im torn between wild socialite and perfect little housewife.

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  2012.07.03  21.52
Win the Miss Kittiness Wedding dress as seen in Carpe Noctum


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  2015.01.08  09.51

Personal feedback

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  2012.07.01  21.39


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  2012.06.04  19.46
Vote for us in Launch your Label!

MK has entered in the competition 'Launch your Label' Please vote for us in the People's Choice Award. All you have to do is click this link and vote 5 stars! You can only vote once(you don't need to join) so make it count by voting for Miss Kittiness.



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  2012.05.15  23.10
Carpe noctum Promo fashion shoot.

On June 9th my store will be having it's first fashion show. Carpe Noctum is an alternative fashion show that showcase a bunch of Australian designers. My store is one of the two loli brands that will be featured in the event. Recently the organisers of Carpe Noctum set up a promo shoot to go in local magazines and newspapers. Here are the results:


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